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Burgener nebulizers

Burgener Nebulizers have pressure ratings to indicate what pressure is required for 1 Litre/min. argon flow.
In general, as with all ICP nebulizers, they work better at higher pressures.
1. Always use the highest pressure rating possible for your ICP.
2. Recognize the limitations of argon pressure - lower rated pressure nebulizers are usually OK.
Only go to higher pressures if you absolutely require the highest sensitivity.
3. In general the Mira Mist is the best nebulizer, with the T2100 a close second.
For most ICP instruments, the Mira Mist (Peek or Teflon versions) are the best to use.
They rarely plug or salt and their long term stability is unmatched by any other.
4. If you are running samples with slurries or high levels of undissolved particles, the T2100 is the best choice.
The T2002 and Trace nebulizers fit all standard chambers that can use a Meinhard, and they run all solution types.
5. With ICPMS instruments, for Low Sample Flow use the Ari Mist and Ari Mist HP nebulizers.
The Ari Mist is designed to run as low as 50 ul/min and the Ari Mist HP is designed to run as low as 5 ul/min.
6. For interfacing ICP/Ms with CE or LC, the Mira Mist CE is the choice.
7. Unlike most concentric nebulizers, Burgener nebulizers will not self-aspirate.

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