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 Custom Design

Send EPOND your questions :

Whatever you have in the way of product specification or description will help :

   -  it may be a part number, an instrument manufacturer's model name
or a description of the component's function and dimensions.

   -  sketches and digital photos are welcome too, especially if a custom design
is being considered.

   -  and especially if, "they say that it can't be done" !

EPOND accepts orders by fax, email, letter or telephone - and delivers by FedEx, Post or any
shipper that you nominate. Goods are delivered with an invoice for payment by wire transfer
within 30 days. Give an order reference number when ordering, to assist with order tracking.

email :   info @ e-pond. biz 

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tel.: +41 52 355 30 86    fax : +41 52 343 16 90
Email :     info @ e-pond. biz