The  prepFAST   autodilution system

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The  'prepFAST'  autodilution  system  enhances the productivity advantages of
 ESI SC-DX autosamplers  by performing inline autodilution, autocalibration, auto QC dilutions,
automated standard additions, automated isotope dilution and much more ...

The  prepFAST  has four quartz syringe pumps that precisely drive all input flows :
 rinse,  carrier,   internal standard,  and  diluent.

The Benefits

  • Dilution factors of 1 to 200
  • eliminates changes of peristaltic pump tubes
  • FAST washouts between samples
  • Increased accuracy
  • Higher sample throughput
  • available as a complete system or SC-DX upgrade,
     -  initially for the Thermo X-series-2, Element-2, and the PE Nexion, Elan, and Optima.
  • Additional information in the  PDF brochure 

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